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Caudles in the Civil War

Caudles by State
Caudles by State
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Benjamin F. Caudle, Co. D, 43rdGA Inf. Reg't. (Middle River Vol.)
Reported to hospital in Vicksburg, Miss. May 16, 1863 with either wounds or disease. He died June 1863. 
E. H. Caudle, Co. C, 63rd GA Inf.
C. Caudle, Co. F, Smith's GA Legion .
Enlisted May 6, 1862.Transferred to Co. D, 65th Ga. Inf. March 1863.
Caloway (Calloway/Callaway) Caudle, Pvt. Smith's Legion Inf. Batt'n./ Co. D, 65th GA Inf.
Rolled dated April 30, 1863, states he was discharged at Loudon, Tenn. Jan. 21, 1863, but continues to be shown on the roll. Sick in hospital Sept. 16, 1863-Aug. 31, 1864. Died July 24, 1865. 
Dick P. Caudle, Cpl., Co. B, 60th GA Inf.
Enlisted July 17, 1861, Killed at the Battle of 2nd Manasses, Va. Aug. 28, 1862.  
Gilbert Caudle (Caudell), Pvt., Co. D, 27th Reg't. GA Inf.
Enlisted March 4, 1862. Died of disease at Richmond, Va. on May 7, 1862 of the measles. He is buried in the Hollywood Cem., Va. 
J. H. Caudle, Pvt., Co. C, 63rd GA Inf.
Enlisted Nov. 24, 1862, deserted Sept. 3, 1863.
James H.Caudle, Co. D, 43rd GA Inf. Reg't. (Middle River Vol.)
He was wounded in battle in Mississippi on May 16, 1863. His leg was shattered by a bullet and a lone Union soldier found him on the ground, bleeding to death. The Union soldier stopped the bleeding by applying sugar to the wound from his rations.
John H. W. H. Caudle, Hanleiter's Co., GA Light Art. (Jo Thompson's Art.)/Co. M, 38th GA Inf.
Enlisted Sept. 26, 1861, transferred on June 5, 1862 from Co. M to Co. K.
Robert F. Caudle, Pvt., Co. B, 60th Reg't. GA Inf.
Enlisted Jan. 7, 1864.
Stephen D. Caudle, Co. D, 43rd GA Inf. Reg't. (Middle River Vol.)
Died of disease in Tenn. in 1862.
Thomas A. Caudle, Lt., Co. B. 60th GA
Enlisted July 14, 1861. Promoted to 2nd Lt. Dec. 28, 1863.
Thomas H. Caudle, Co. E, 64th GA Inf.
W. B. Caudle, Co. A, 11th GA Cav.
William J. Caudle, Co. F, 48th GA Inf.
William M. Caudle, Co. D, 43rd GA Inf. Reg't.
William Caudle (Candle), Co. F, 6th GA Inf.
Enlisted May 5, 1861.

65th GA Inf. Flag