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Caudles in the Civil War

Worsham/Washam Family Photos (Civil War Ancestors)

Caudles by State
Caudles by State
My Civil War Ancestor's Photos
Worsham/Washam Family Photos (Civil War Ancestors)
Ipocks In The Civil War
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Dowseys In The Civil War
Confederate Civil War Veterans of Wright, Douglas, & Texas counties, MO

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Rufus G. Worsham, 6th Mississippi Inf. C.S.A.

William Johnson Worsham, 19th Tenn. Inf. C.S.A.

William enlisted the 19th Tenn. Regiment June 1861. He was made cheif Musician of the regiment, which he filled to the close of the war.He called the soldiers into line for their first roll cal and called them into line for the last roll-call in May 1865.

William Ludson Worsham, Confed. Soldier

John Elbert Worsham,, 60th Ga. Inf. C.S.A.

John enlisted in the Confederate Army on April 25, 1862 as private. He was wounded by a shot in the left side and part a tree fell on his right arm. He was taken prisoner at the Battle of Monocacy, Maryland and taken to Point Lookout Prison Camp and was eventually exchanged. 

Henry C. Worsham, Sgt. Maj., 3rd Va. Cav. C.S.A.

Essex David Worsham, 53rd Va. Inf., C.S.A.

Mathias T. Worsham

Richard Worsham, 2nd Kentucky Mounted Inf. C.S.A.

Richard was killed in the war.

Lovick Merrit Worsham

Lovick enlisted as a private in Co. K, 1st Alabama Inf on March 23, 1861 at age 27.

Union Soldier

John H. Worsham, 21st Va. Inf. C.S.A.

John enlisted April 21, 1861 as a private at Richmond, Virginia.Detailed as a clerk to Gen. J. R. Jones Dec. 31, 1862. Promoted to 1st Corpl. April 29, 1863, 2nd Sgt. June 30, 1863. He was wounded at Winchester, Va. in 1864 and admitted to the General Hospital at Charlottesville, Va. Sept. 29, 1864 with a leg wound. In 1864 he is listed as a Lt. (Adjutant).

David Radford Worsham, 11th Missouri Cav. U.S.

David enlisted Aug. 6, 1863 at Hartville, Missouri and deserted Dec. 13, 1863 in Texas County, Mo.

Israel Worsham

He was a Major in the Texas Home Guard, C.S.A.