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Caudles in the Civil War

Caudles by State
Caudles by State
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Confederate Civil War Veterans of Wright, Douglas, & Texas counties, MO


Updated December 13, 2010

Words of William Wallace:
"Aye, fight and you may die
Run and you'll least a while.
And dying in your beds many years from now,
would you be willing to trade all the days,
from this day to that,
for one chance,
just one chance,
to come back here and tell our enemies
that they may take our lives,
but they'll never take our FREEDOM!"



This site lists the names of veterans with the surname CAUDLE who served in the War between the States (1861-1865) The information on these men will basically deal with their military service.

This is a "work in progress". If you know of a Civil War Veteran who is not listed on this site with the surname of Caudle (or various spellings) or you have further information (such as military records, photos, etc.) please contact me.

Thank You

Robert Caudle
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Gen. McBride Camp #632
Past Commander, Col. Emmitt McDonald Camp # 1846
Missouri Division Sons of Confederate Veterans
Col. R. B. Palmer Camp #73
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

I dedicate this website in the memory of my Union and Confederate ancestors who fought in the War Between the States.


Confederate Ancestors

Lt. Julius Jefferson Worsham, 4th Ga. Inf.

Julius served in Co. I, 4th Ga. Inf. enlisting on April 29, 1861 at Oglethorpe, Ga. for 1 year and on Sept. 15, 1861, was admitted to the Regimental Hospital with chills and fever.He was discharged on April 28, 1862 at Camp Jackson, Va. as a 2nd Lt.

Flag of the 18th Va. Inf.

Captain Henry T. Owen, 18th Va. Inf.

Henry joined the Confederate Army as a Capt. in Co. C. 18th Va. Inf. on April 23, 1861 in Burkeville, Va. He was court martialed several times during the war, but he always returned to active duty with no explaintion given concerning the court martial. After the war he fought many battles agaist political corruption in Virginia.

James Daniel Monroe Worsham, 59th Ga. Inf.

Capt. Clark L. Owen, 2nd Texas Inf.

Though he was opposed to secession, when Texas left the Union Clarke offered his services to the Confedederacy and raised a company for the 2nd Texas Infantry, which he became  a Captain in Company K. Capt. Owen was killed on the first day of the Battle of Shiloh, Tenn. April 6, 1862 while leading Company I, 2nd Texas Inf. against Union positions.


Great-Great-Great Uncle-Pvt. Lewis Caudle, Co. C, 13th NC Inf.
Great-Great-Great Uncle-Pvt. Henderson H. Caudle, Mallett's NC Inf. Battalion, Confederate Home Guard
He was captured but was released ar Kingston, N.C. in 1862. Wounded in Nov. 1864, with an injury to the right thigh from a gun shot wound.
1st Cousin 4 Times Removed-Sgt. William A. Caudle, Co. K, 43rd NC Inf.
Enlisted Feb. 25, 1862 Anson County, N.C. at age 25, promoted to Cpl.May 10, 1862, promoted to Sgt. Aug. 10, 1862, reduced to ranks March 30, 1863.
1st Cousin 4 Times Removed-Issac Newton Brasher, Co. D, 3rd MO Cav.
1st Cousin 4 Times Removed-Mitchel Johnson Brasher, Co. D, 3rd MO Cav.
Enlisted late 1862. Surrendered 1865.
1st Cousin 4 Times Removed-William Thompson Brasher, Co. D, 3rd MO. Cav.
John Thomas Hutchens, Co. C, 34th AR Inf, Brooks
Joseph Ellis Hutchens, Co. B, 38th NC Inf
Enlisted 4/21/1862 at Yadkin Co. N.C. at age 22.He was wounded June 26, 1862 in the 7 Days Battles at Mechanicsville, Va. and died July 26, 1862..
Richard Henry Hutchens, Co. F, 28th NC Inf.

John Wellington Hutchens, 1st AR Cav, (Brooks)/ 1st AR Battalion Sharpshooter
Columbus V. Hutchens, Co. I, 28th NC Inf.
Enlisted Aug. 13, 1861 in Yadkin N.C. at age 21. 
William D. Hutchens, Co. F, 28th NC Inf.
Enlisted Nov. 5, 1863 in Yadkin Co. N.C. He died of wounds received at Petersburg, Va. June 23, 1864. 
William M. Hutchens, Co. D, 17th AR Inf.
Served from 1861 to 1865 and fought in the Battles of Pea Ridge and Praire Grove, Ark. .
James Thomas Johnson
Thomas J. Worsham, Pvt. Co. E, 1st La. Cav.
Ephraim Buchanan Worsham, Pvt. Co. A, 32nd Tenn. Inf.
Enlisted Dec. 12, 1861 at Bowling Green. Captured at Fort Donelson, Tenn. Feb. 16, 1862 and imprisoned at Camp Morton, Ind. 
Levi Worsham, Pvt., Co. F, 32nd Ala. Inf.
Enlisted March 31, 1863. Died Jan. 1864 in Atlanta, Ga. 
Archibald W. Worsham, Co. H, 21st VA Inf.
John Calloway Worsham, Pvt. Co. B, Young's Texas Inf.
Enlisted June 24, 1862 at Nacogdoches, Tex.
John Calvin Worsham, Pvt. Co. F, 32nd Tenn. Inf.
Enlisted Oct. 7, 1861 at Pulaski, Tenn.
John Dickey Worsham, Sgt., Co. A, 4th LA Inf.
Enlisted May 25, 1861 at Camp Moore, La. Detached service at Clinton, La. Jan. 1863 to Aug. 1864. Wounded Aug. 31, 1864 in right hip.
George H. Worsham, Pvt. 1st Battalion, Texas Sharp Shooters.
Enlisted May 15, 1862 at Hunt Co. Tex. at age 34. He was captured July 8, 1863 at Port Hudson, La.
John E. Worsham, Co. H, 60th GA Inf.
Enlisted April 25, 1862.
John H. Worsham, Co. F, 21st VA Inf.
Alfred Washam, Co. K, 56th NC Inf.
While guarding prisoners, was wounded and recovered at Camp Winder Hospital in Richmond, Va..
Eaton Worsham, Pvt. Co. F, 11th Texas Inf.
Enlisted June 13, 1863 at Milam Co. Texas at age 38.
William J. Worsham, 19th TN Inf.
Simeon J. Worsham, Pvt. Co. F, 11th Tex. Inf.
He enlisted on Feb. 17, 1862 at Hemphill, Tex. Detailed on June 24, 1862 to return to Sabine County, Tex. to procure arms and report to duty July 14. He was promoted to 4th Cpl. on Oct. 12, 1862 at Camp Holmes. Served until March 14, 1865.
William L. Worsham
Henry C. Worsham, Sgt. Major, Co. F, 3rd VA Cav.
Joseph H. Worsham, Co. A, 1st GA Cav.
Enlisted April 12, 1861, discharged May 3, 1865 Albemarle, Va.
Henry Worsham, Co. E, 45th GA Inf.
Enlisted March 4, 1862, retired on account of rheumatism May 2, 1864.
William B. Washam, Co. B, 35 TX Cav.
Erbin C. Worsham,Capt., Green's Co., GA Inf.
Robert Lee Worsham, 6 TN Cav.
Thomas R. Worsham, Capt. Co. E, 5th KY Vols.
Served from Oct. 24, 1861 to Nov. 14, 1862, when he resigned from service.
Thomas Ritchie Worsham, Co. F, 21st VA Inf.
Enlisted April 21, 1861,  Richmond Va. Transferred and promoted Sgt., in Letcher's Light Artillery Battry, Second Lt. on 1863. Wounded at Spottsylvania Courthouse, May 1864. 
Patrick H. Worsham, Co. G, 6th VA Cav.
Enlisted Aug. 19, 1861 at age 32 as a clerk. Discharged Jan. 18, 1862. 
Richard E. Worsham, Co. G, 6th VA Cav.
Enlisted Aug. 19, 1861. Promoted Cpl. Jan. 15, 1862, on detached service May 6, 1862, Promoted to Sgt. July 8, 1864, wounded in the right arm and sent to the hospital in Richmond where he died on Sept. 15, 1864.
Essex D. Worsham, Co. G, 53rd VA Inf.
William T. Worsham,Co. A, 27th LA Inf.
David B. Worsham, Co. B, 2nd KY Inf.
Enlisted Oct. 15, 1862 at Knoxville, Tenn., surrendered May 6, 1865 Washington, Ga.
David E. Worsham, Co. D, 30th GA Inf.
Enlisted in 1862. He was captured at Nashville, Tenn. Dec. 15, 1864 and was admitted Dec. 17, 1864 to No. 1 U.S. General Hospital, Nashville with a gunshot wound that fractured his arm. On Dec. 18, 1864 his left arm was amputated. He died Feb. 4, 1865 from the amputation. 
Charles B. Worsham, Co. A, 27th LA Inf.
John W. Worsham, Co. A, 5th TN Inf.
Robert Archer Worsham, Co., H, 60th GA Inf.
Enlisted April 25, 1862 at Cartersville, Ga., hospitalized June 12, 1863 in Lychburg, Va., captured at Cedar Creek, Va. Sept. 14, 1864. Died at Elmira Prison, New York .
Robert D. Worsham, Co. K, 12th Ga. Inf.
Enilisted June 24, 1861 at Macon Co. Ga. as a pvt. He was elected to the rank of Lieutenant on June 15, 1861 in the Davis Rifles Ga. Volunteers. He also served in Co. A, 10th  Ga. Battalion enlisting March 4, 1862 Macon Co. Ga. He was admitted with fever to Chimborazo Hospital, No. 2, Richmond Virginia March 7,1863. On April 28, 1863 he was transferred to Macon County, Ga. Robert died at Oglethorpe, Ga. May 9, 1863.
William S. Worsham, Co. F, 7th TN Cav.
Francis Richard Worsham, Missouri Partisan Cav.
Rode with Col. Wm. Quantrill and Capt. "Bloody Bill" Anderson.
James Hinde Worsham, Quantrill's Partisians, Gen. Joe Shelby's MO Cav. Brig.
According to McCorkle, in the book "The men Who Rode with Quantrill,"  James was with Quantrill in 1863.
Wellington Godding Worsham, 21st VA Inf.
He participated in Gen. Lee's last offensive effort, an attempt to break out from the Appomattox Courthouse area, lead by Gen. Gordon. 
John G. Worsham, Cpl., Co. H, 4th GA Inf.
Enlisted 4/26/1861 Millegeville, Ga.  Wounded Sept. 22, 1864. Surrendered at Appomattox April 9, 1865
James H. D. Worsham, Pvt. Co. D, 30th Ga. Inf.
Enlisted Sept. 25, 1861 at Camp Bartow Ga. He was listed as the Company Physician May-Aug. 1862. He was captured at Macon, Ga. April 1865 by the 2nd Cav. U.S. 
Anderson Washam
Pleasant L. Worsham, Lt., AL. Cav.
He enlisted Sept. 1, 1862 at Washington Co. Ala. in Co. D. 
Israel Worsham, Maj., Montgomery County, Tex. Home Guard.
Appointed Major, commanding the Montgomery Companies. He supplied the Confederate Army with slaves to drive wagons of provisions from his plantation. 
Lovick M. Worsham, Co. K, 12th GA Inf.
George A. Worsham, Lt. Co. F., 17th GA Inf.
Enlisted Aug. 14, 1861 as 4th Cpl. promoted 2nd Lt. Jan. 20, 1863. Killed at Spotsylvania Court House, Va. on May 12, 1864.
Joseph R. F. Worsham, Pvt. Co. I , 25th S.C. Inf.
Enlisted at Ridgeville, N.C. on Aug. 1863. Wounded in 1864 and admitted to General Hospital at Petersburg, Va. transferred to Richmond. He was captured Jan. 15, 1865 at Fort Fisher, N.C. and sent to Elmira Prison, in N.Y. where he died of pneumonia Feb. 14, 1865.
James Peter T. Worsham, Co. I, 25th SC Inf./ Co. C, 21st SC Inf.
 Enlisted at James Island and Camp Glover, S.C. He was killed in action Sept. 5, 1863 at Morris Island, S.C.
William Leigh Worsham, 23rd VA Inf.
William Nash Worsham,Pvt. Co. D, Ala. Partisan Rangers
Enlisted Sept. 1, 1862 at Washington Co. Ala.
William Mitchell Worsham, Co. E, 3rd GA Inf.
Enlisted March 23, 1864, surrendered at Appomattox, Va. April 9, 1865.
William H. Worsham Pvt. Co. B, Young's Texas Inf.
Enlisted Jan. 11, 1861,Camp Herbert, Tex. at age 21.Died in 1863.
William Robert Worsham, Co. I, 45th NC Inf.
Enlisted March 20, 1862 Caswell Co. N.C. as a Substitute at age 50.
William Bolton Worsham, Co. A, 42nd Ga. Inf.
Enlisted March 4, 1862.
William T. Worsham, Pvt.Co. A, 27th La. Inf.
Enlisted at Camp Moore, La. on March 29, 1862. 
John D. Worsham, Co. C, 13th NC Inf.
Enlisted June 28, 1861 Caswell Co. N.C. at age 21.
.2nd cousin 5 times removed-Clark Lewis Owen,  Capt. 2nd Tex. Inf.
Aquilla Brasher, Pvt. Co. G, 33rd Ark. Inf.
Enlisted June 19, 1862.  
Aquilla Brasher, Co. G, 11th MO Inf.
Larkin T. Brasher, Co. G, 11th MO Inf.
Alexander B. Brasher, Co. E, 10th AL Inf.
John Leasil Brasher
Charles Riddle Brasher, Co. G, 27th Tenn. Inf.
Enlisted June 4, 1861 at Talladega, Ala.
Henry W. Brasher, Co. A, 26th AL Inf.
Noah H. Beaman, Co. B, 63rd NC Reg.
Benjamin C. Beaman, Co. K, 33rd NC Reg.
James H. Beaman, Co. B 19th TX Cav.
Enlisted in Dallas, Tex.  March 21, 1862 and served in Mo. Ark. and la, until May 20, 1865 when their Company disbanded close to Huntsville, Texas.
Peter Beaman, Co. I, 6th TX Cav.
Samuel H. Beaman, Co. B 19th TX Cav.
Richard Watson Wyatt
Alexander Talinferro Wiatt
, Sgt., 9th Va Cav. Reg't.
John Newton Wyatt, 4th SC Inf.
Samuel Thompson Wyatt, 4th SC Inf.
James E. Wyatt
William Franklin Wyatt
Andrew Grigsby Wyatt
Frank A. Owen, 8th KY Inf.
Enlisted in 1862. Enlisted in the 10th Kentucky Cav. and served till 1865.
Lewis Trent, Co. E, 63rd VA Inf.
Enlisted March 26, 1862, Abingdon, Va. at age 32. 
Fleming Trent,Co. E, 45th Va. Inf. Battalion
Enlisted July 21, 1863 Logan Co. West Virginia.
Isaac Trent, Co. G, 50th Va. Inf.
Enlisted July 5, 1861, Wythe Co. age 25. Recieved disability discharge on Dec. 21, 1861.
McKendree Trent, GA Inf.
Benjamin F. Rowlett, 11th TN Cav.
George W. Rowlett, 20th TN Cav.
Enlisted May 1, 1864 Jackson, Tenn. Absent with out leave since May 23, 1864.
William T. Rowlett, Co. G, 1st TN Cav.
Ephraim Alfred Sumner, Pvt., Co. B, 40th GA Inf.
Prisoner at Camp Chase, Ohio
Jesse Jordan Sumner, Co. F, 14 GA Inf.
Enliste Feb. 20, 1863 and surrendered at Appomattox, Va. April 9, 1865.
John Rowlett Woodside, Col., 4th Mo. Inf., 1st cousin 5 times removed
J. Posey Woodside, Capt., 4th Mo. Inf.
Stewart Sumner, Co. C, 1st Ga. Inf.
Enlisted May 1, 1862, surrendered May 10, 1865.
William R. Sumner, Co. B, 10th Ga. Inf.
Enlisted March 4, 1862 at Worth Co. Ga. Died June 1863 in Va.
Matthew Sumner, Co. D, 64th Ga. Inf.
Enlisted March 10, 1862 at Albany, Ga. He was captured near Petersburg, Va. on June 17, 1864 and sent to Point Lookout Prison in Maryland on June 24, 1864, transferred to Elmira prison in New York, Dec. 6, 1864 were he died.
Joseph T. Sumner,  Sgt. Co. H, 48th Ga. Inf.
Enlisted 7/11/1861, wounded at Mechanicsville, Va. June 26, 1862,Chancellorsville, Va. May 3, 1863 and was killed at Spottsylvania, Va. May 1864. He participated in all battles up to the one in which he was killed. 
J. J. Sumner, Co. F, 14th Ga. Inf.
Killed at the Battle of Chancellorsville, Va.
Gordon Archibald Sumner, Lt. Co. F, 10th Ga. Militia.
Ashely C. Sumner, Pvt. Co. C, 1st Ga. Inf.
Alexander C. Sumner, Co. K, 28th Ga. Inf.
Wright M. Sumner, Pvt. Co. B, 57th Ga. Inf.
Enlisted Mat 5, 1862 ,  Fought at Vicksburg, Miss. 1863.
Berrien Sumner, Pvt. Co. B, !0th Inf. Battalion.
Enlisted 3/4/1862. Died at Richmond, Va. 4/1/1863


Great-Great Grandfather-John David Teubner, 4th Corp. Co. H, 27th Reg't MO Inf. (Mounted)/ Co. D, 7th MO State Militia Cav.
Great-Great Uncle-Henry Brasher, 73rd Reg't.Enrolled MO Militia
Great-Great-Great Grandfather-Hudson R. Brasher, Pvt. Co. C, 73rd Reg't. Enrolled MO Militia
James B. Brasher, Pvt. Co. A, 6th Mo. Cav.
Enlisted Aug. 14, 1862 in Springfield, age 18. Also served in Co. F. Mustered out July 20, 1865 Little Rock, Ark.
Mitchel Brasher, Pvt. Co. C, 73rd Enrolled Missouri Militia
Enlisted Oct. 2, 1864 at Lebanon, Mo. Relieved of duty Nov. 20, 1864.
Great-Great-Great Grandfather-Jesse Copley, Pvt. Co. F, 16th MO Cav.
Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather-Wiley (Willy) Copley, Co. E, Phelps Reg't., MO Vol.
3rd Cousin 4 Times Removed-Rue Pugh Hutchins,
 Lt. Col., 94th Ohio Inf./Bvt. Brig. Gen. US Vol. March 13, 1865 for gallant and metorious service during the Civil War
1st Cousin 4 Times Removed-David W. Beaman, 7th MO State Militia Cav.
kicked by horse 
1st Cousin 4 Times Removed-John Holman Beaman, Co. C, 50th MO Inf.
Enlisted in Co. C, 45th Mo. Inf.Sept. 1, 1864 Warrensburg, Mo., at age 39, transferred to 50th Mo. Inf., mustered in Sept. 16, 1864 at Sedalia, Mo.Mustered out July 3, 1865.
John Harrison Beaman, Co. C, 45th Mo. Inf.
Enlisted Sept. 1, 1864 at Warrensburg, Mo. at age 22. Transferred to Co. C, 50th Mo. Inf, Mustered in Sept. 16, 1864 at Sedalia. Mustered out June 9, 1865. 
1st Cousin 4 Times Removed/Great-Great-Great Uncle-Austin Frank Beaman, Co. B, 48th MO Inf.
Enlisted in the 52nd Enrolled Mo. Militia July 21, 1864 at Otterville, Mo.reenlisted into U.S. Service Aug. 15, 1864 in Co. H, 45th Mo. Inf. at age 19. Transferred to the 48th Mo. Inf, Aug. 15, 1864. Mustered out June 29, 1865 Benton Barracks, Mo.
Great-Great-Great Uncle-Charles T. Beaman, Co. C, 6th MO Cav.
1st Cousin 4 Times Removed-Carlton Jobe Beaman, Co. C, 45th MO Inf.
Enlisted in Co. C, 52nd Enrolled Mo. Militia July 21, 1864 Otterville, Mo., Reenlisted into U.S. Service Spt. 7, 1864 in Co. C, 45th Mo. Inf. Warrensburg, Mo. transferred to Co. C, 50th Mo. Inf. Mustered out July 3, 1865. 
1st Cousin 4 Times Removed-William F. Beaman, Pettis County, MO Home Guard
1st Cousin 4 Times Removed-Joseph Dowsey, Co. H, 1st NY Light Artillery
Richard H. Dowsey, Cpl. 146th N. Y. Inf.
Killed at the Battle of the Wilderness, Va. May 1864
Great-Great-Great Uncle-Marion V. Wyatt, Co. C, 6th MO Cav.
Enlisted Aug. 7, 1862 Wright Co. Mo., mustered in Aug. 31, 1862 Mt. Vernon, Mo. Left sick in Christain Co. Mo. Nov. 17, 1862, died of disease Nov. 25, 1862, buried in the Springfield Mo. National Cemetery. 
Great-Great-Great-Great Uncle-Richard C. Arnall, born 1824 Va. Co. B, 31st MO Inf
Died Oct. 6, 1862, buried St. Louis, Mo.
Richard Arnold, Pvt., Co. A, 21st Mo. Inf., enlisted Dec. 18, 1861 at age 36, died Dec. 11, 1863 Memphis, Tenn.
Richard Arnold, Co. I, 4th Mo. Cav. C.S.A.
Another source states that Richard C. Arnall according to family legend, was a Confederate soldier who was captured and sent to the Union prison in Springfield, Mo. where he died. (1862-63) 
Great-Great-Great-Great Uncle-Henry M. Arnall, Cpl., Co. E, 32nd MO Vol. Inf.
Enlisted Aug. 1862 Warrenton, Mo.  at age 44. Transferred to Co. E, Con. Batt. 31st and 32nd Inf. Vols. Mustered out July 1865.
4th Cousin 4 Times Removed-Asa H. Arnall, Pvt., Co.d, 49th MO Inf.
Enlisted Sept. 3, 1864 at Warrenton, Mo. Mustered out Aug. 2, 1865. Buried in the Civil War Cemetery in Newtonia, Newton Co. Mo. 
Great-Great-Great-Great Uncle-Joseph Arnall, Pvt., Co.d, 49th MO Inf.
Enlisted Sept. 3, 1864 Warrenton, Mo. Mustered out Aug. 2, 1865. Buried in the Civil War Cemetery, Newtonia, Missouri.
1st Cousin 5 Times Removed-William H. Wiseheart, Cpl., Co. F, 6th IN Cav.
1st Cousin 5 Times Removed-John H. Wiseheart, Co. G, 78th IL Inf.
Enlisted Aug. 11, 1862, mustered out June 7, 1865 Washington D.C.
1st Cousin 5 Times Removed-George W. Wiseheart, Cpl., Co. G, 78th IL Inf.
Enlisted Aug. 5, 1862, mustered out on June 7, 1865 at Washington D.C. 
1st Cousin 5 Times Removed-Phillip C. Wiseheart, Cpl., Co. G, 78th IL Inf.
Enlisted Aug. 11, 1862, mustered out on June 7, 1865 at Washington D.C.  
1st Cousin 5 Times Removed-James R. Wiseheart, Co. G, 78th IL Inf.
Enlisted Aug. 11, 1862, died from wounds on Oct. 8, 1863 at Chattaanooga, Tenn.
Ira G. Copley, Lt., co. F, 5th WVA Inf.
Thomas J. Copley, Co. F., 5th WVA Inf.
Sylvester A. Copley, Co. F, 5th WVA Inf.
Wiley D. Copley, Co. F, 5th WVA inf.
Hendley Copley, Damron's Indep. Co. VA Vols.
Paul Razor , Co. F, 91st Ind. Inf.
Thomas J. Razor ,Co. E, 120th Ind. Inf, Co. H, 65th Ind. Inf.
enlisted Sept. 7, 1863.

Robert E. Hutchens, 7th TN Inf.
Battery B, 1st Battalion, Artillery, attached to Dist. of Kentucky to Aug. 1863 to 1865.
Bond Schoolhouse Skirmish 
On Feb. 11, 1863, in a school house at the Deep Creek Community, near Yadkinville, N.C. Robert Hutchens and a group of  14 local men facing conscription into Confederate service met at the Bond schoolhouse to plan fleeing to Union lines were attacked by the local N. C. Home Guard consisting of 14 men under the command of Capt. James West. Learning of the of the gathering, the local Militia surrounded the school house, and gunfire erupted the next morning. Two men from each side were killed, and bitterness between local famlies continued for generations. After the skirmish, Robert and two others went to Kentucky to join the Union army.
Alexander T. Hutchens., Co. D, 94th OH Inf.
Enlisted Aug. 7, 1862, died March 6, 1863. Buried in the National Cem. Nashville, Tenn. 
William Hutchens, Co. C, 71st OH Inf.
Enlisted Dec. 3, 1861, discharged Dec. 31, 1862 at Columbus, Ohio, on Surgeon's Certificate Disability.  
Joseph P. Hutchens, Co. C, 71st OH Inf.
Enlisted March 25, 1861, mustered out Sept. 27. 1865.
William O. Hutchens, Co. D, 94th OH Inf.
Enlisted Aug. 11, 1862, discharged May 3, 1863 at Columbus, Ohio on Surgeon's Certificate of Disability. 
Benjamin F. Hutchens, Co. D, 94th OH Inf.
Enlisted Aug. 21, 1862 at Tipp City, Ohio, Died at Murfreesboro, Tenn. 
Horatio S. Hutchens, Co. H, 35th OH Inf.
Enrolled at Hamilton, Ohio Aug. 26, 1861. Honorably discharged at Chattanooga, Tenn. by reason  of disability, Jan. 3, 1864.
Dayton P. Hutchins, Co. I, 35th OH Inf.
Enrolled Aug. 26, 1861, Hamilton, Ohio. Transferred to Co. H. Died at Nashville, Tenn. Jan. 27, 1863.
Allen J. Hutchins, Co. H, 35th OH Inf
Enlisted Aug. 26, 1861. Died Feb. 4, 1862 of typhoid fever at Somerset, Ken..
Allen H. Hutchins, Co. B, 114th IN Inf.
William F. Hutchins, Pvt. Co. A, 36th Ind. Inf.
Died at Nelson's Furnace, Ky.Feb. 27, 1862. 
Romulus M. S. Hutchens, Col F, 63rd IN Inf.
Mustered in on Aug. 30, 1862, discharged June 21, 1865. 
Charles T. Hutchens, Co. F, 63rd IN Inf.
Andrew Hutchens, Co. B, 23rd IN Inf.
Enlisted Oct. 24, 1864. 
Alexander Hutchens, Co. E, 34th IN Inf.
Henry C. Hutchens, Co. E, 84th IN Inf.
Thomas E. Hutchins, Sgt., Co. H, 20th IN Inf.
Theodore V. Hutchens, Sgt., Co. D, 37th IN Inf.
Promoted to Lt., but the commission was probably not issued. 
William V. Hutchens, Cpl., Co. C, 85th IL Inf.
John Hutchens
William H. Hutchens
Harvey North Hutchins, Cpl., Co. C, 85th Ill. Inf.
Enlisted July 23, 1862 at Mason City, Ill. Discharged at Nashville, Tenn. Jan. 22, 1863. 
Scuyler Sumner, Sgt. Co I., 77th/130th Inf.
Smiley Sumner, Co. I, 130th/8th IL Inf.
John B. Sumner, Co. G, 7th Mo. Inf.
Enlisted June 1, 1861, Sumner, Ill. wounded at Vicksburg, Miss.1863, reenlisted as Cpl., Co. H, 11th Mo. Inf.
Henry C. Sumner, Co. K, 61st Iowa Inf. 
Thomas C. Washam, 15th KY Cav,
William Benjamin Worsham, 15th MO Cav.
Enlisted in Capt. Roberts' Company. He saw service around Springfield, Mo.  and in Ark. and the Cherokee Nation. He mustered out June 30, 1865 
David R. Worsham, Co. K, 11th MO Cav
John H. Wyatt, 111th IL Inf.
Rhodes D. Trent, Co. I, 7th WV Cav.
John B. Sumner, Co. G, 7th Mo. Inf.
Thomas Allen Armstrong, Co. D, 139th Ill. Inf.
Enlisted Jan. 1, 1864, mustered out Oct. 28, 1864.
James Logan Armstrong, Cpl. Co. C, 81st Ill. Inf.
Enlisted Aug. 26, 1862.
James B. Wair, 16th Mo. Cav.

94th Ohio Inf. monument at Chickamauga Nat. Park

Rue Pugh Hutchins

flag of the 94th Ohio Inf.

David Teubner's Military stone in Kanasa

John David Teubner

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