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Caudles in the Civil War

My Civil War Ancestor's Photos
Caudles by State
Caudles by State
My Civil War Ancestor's Photos
Worsham/Washam Family Photos (Civil War Ancestors)
Ipocks In The Civil War
Teubners In The Civil War
Dowseys In The Civil War
Confederate Civil War Veterans of Wright, Douglas, & Texas counties, MO

Henry W. Brasher, 26th Alabama Infantry C.S.A.

Henry enlisted April 30, 1862 at Fayette, Ala,. His regiment, as a result of its ranks being decemated by the casualties of battle, was ordered to convey Union prisoners to Camp Sumner military prison near Andersonville, Ga. It was requested that the regiment remain at the camp for a while as guards at the prison .In May 1864 the regiment was ordered back into active service.


Isaac Newton Brasher, 3rd Missouri Cav. C.S.A.

Isaac was shot in the leg by a black soldier which would bother him the rest of his life. His daughter  Sarah held a grudge all her life as a result  of this.

flag of the 3rd Mo. Cav


73rd Enrolled Missouri Militia

Hudson enrolled  in Lebanon, Mo. as a private in Co. C, 73rd Enrolled Missouri Militia and ordered into active service Oct. 10, 1864. He was relieved of duty Nov. 20, 1864.

Joseph Dowsey, 1st N. Y. Light Artillery

Enlisted Oct. 2, 1861 Watertown, N.Y.

flag of the 1st N.Y. Light Artllery

Lewis Caudle

Lewis enlisted March 3, 1863 at age 25 in the 13th N.C. Inf. C.S.A.

Jesse Copley & Family

Jessee enlisted in Co. F, 6th Prov. Reg. Enrolled Missouri Militia and was ordered into active service April 1, 1863. Mustered into U.S. service in accordance with Special Order #166 Aug. 7, 1864. He enlisted as a private in Co. F, 16th Miissouri Cav. Reg. U.S.R.C. Vols. at Marshfield, Mo. Mustered out July 1, 1865 at Springfield, Mo. 

Henry Brasher, 73rd Enrolled Mo. Militia, U.S.

Henry served as a private in Co. C, 73rd Enrolled Missouri Militia and ordered into active service on Oct. 10, 1864 at Lebanon, Mo. Releived of duty Nov. 20, 1864.


Peter enlisted as a second Lt.  in Co. C, 18th Virginia Infantryon April 22, 1861 at Nottoway Co. Virginia. Promoted to full Captain on Jan. 1, 1862. Dropped from rolls on April 26, 1862.

Ewing Rowlett, Cpl. ,14th Ark. Inf. C.S.A.

John T. Hutchins, 34th Ark. Inf. C.S.A.

John enlisted on June 20th, 1862 at Fayetteville, Ark. as a medical aide and served throughout the war.

John W. Hutchins, 1st Ark. Cav.C.S.A.

John enlisted in the 1st Ark. Cav. Battalion in 1862 and served until June 1865 when he surrendered at Fayetteville, Ark. He was with Gen. Price when he made his raid through Northwestern Ark. and was taken prisoner by the 1st Ark. Reg. U.S. but after being retained for one month was exchanged.

4th Missouri Inf. C.S.A.

John was appointed Colonel in the 7th Division, Missouri State Guard with the authority to raise a regiment. Among those recruits was his son, J. Posey Woodside, who was elected Captain. Father and son led troops into battle under Gen. Price at the Battle of Oak Hills, Mo. 1861. Both men were critically wounded in subsequent fights while in the Mo. State Guard and in Confederate service with 4th Missouri Inf. Both John and Posey were captured on more than one occation. John was captured three time and escaped once. Toward the end of the war, the Confederate Colonel from Missouri was exchanged for a Union Colonel, and John was free to return home.

Capt. J. Posey Woodside, 4th Missouri Inf. C.S.A.

Flag of the 4th Missouri Inf.