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Caudles in the Civil War

Caudles by State
Caudles by State
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Confederate Civil War Veterans of Wright, Douglas, & Texas counties, MO


Francis M. Caudle, Pvt., Co. L, 13th Cav. Reg.
Enlisted Dec. 21, 1863. Mustered out at Pilot Knob, Mo. Aug. 31, 1865.
James R. Caudle, Cpl. Co. C/D, 30th IL Inf.
Enlisted Aug. 20, 1861. Captured Sept. 1, 1862.
John F. Caudle, Co. B, 13th IL Cav.
John J. Caudle (Candle),Cpl., Co. E/Co. M, 13th Cav. Reg.
Enlisted Jan. 1, 1862, transferred on March 20, 1863 from Co. E to Co. B, transferred to Co. M, Jan. 10, 1864. Mustered out at Pilot Knob, Mo. Aug. 31, 1865.
S. A. Caudle, Co. C, 30th Inf. Reg.
Enlisted March 1, 1862. Killed at Kenesaw Mountain, Ga. June 29, 1864.
Sampson A. Caudle, Cpl., Co. C, 30th IL Inf.
Samuel Caudle, Pvt., Co. C, 30th IL Inf.
Samuel A. Caudle, Pvt., Co. C, 30th IL Inf.
Sion R. Caudle, Co. A, 32 IL Inf.
Zachary( F. T,) Caudle, Pvt., Co. K, 61st IL Inf.
Served from Jan. 14, 1864 to Sept. 8, 1865.
Moses Caudle, Co. I, 66th Ill. Inf. 
Enlisted Dec. 25, 1863 Pulaski, Tenn. Fought in the Battle of Resaca, Ga. 1864. He was killed at Lay's Ferry May 14, 1864.

13th IL Cav. Reg't. Flag

13th IL Cav. Nat'l Flag

30th IL Inf. Nat'l Flag

30th IL Inf. Reg't. Flag

120th IL National Flag

120th IL Flag

32nd IL Inf.

In this photograph are beleived to be John J. ,Moses, Zachariah Caudle.