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Caudles in the Civil War

Caudles by State
Caudles by State
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Confederate Civil War Veterans of Wright, Douglas, & Texas counties, MO



A, L, Caudle, 20th Battalion Artillery
Absolom Caudle, Pvt., Co. K, 29th AL Inf.
Berry J.  Caudle, Pvt., Co. E, 48th AL Inf.
J. C. Caudle, 17th AL Inf.
J. R. Caudle, Cpl., Co. B, AL Artillery
J. R. Caudle, 9th AL Inf.
James Caudle, Pvt., John Olden's Co., AL Mounted Inf.
James H. Caudle Jr., Pvt., Co. A, 30th AL Inf.
James H. Caudle Sr., Pvt./Cpl., Co. A, 30th AL Inf.
James R. Caudle, Pvt., Co. C, 20th AL Inf
John A. Caudle, Pvt., Co. A, 7th AL Inf.
John A. Caudle, Co. A, 8th AL Inf.
Robert B. Caudle, Cpl.,Co. A, 30th AL Inf.
Enlisted 2/27/1862 at age 19. 
Robert H. Caudle, Cpl., Co. K, 10th AL Inf.
Enlisted 6/4/1861, Montevallo, Ala. at age 21. Fought at the battles of Drainsville, Va., 1861 Siege of Yorktown, Va. 1862, Seven Pines 1862, Siege of Harper's Ferry 1862, Fredericksburg, Va. 1862, Chancellorsville, Va. 1863, Salem Church, 1863, Bristoe's Station 1863, Mine Run 1863, Gettysburg, Penn. 1863, Wilderness 1864, Spottsylvania C.H. 1864, Hanover Jct. 1864, wounded at Sharpsburg 1862, 
S. D. Caudle, Co. F, 55th AL Vol.
W. H. Caudle, Co. F, 11th AL Inf.
William Henry Caudle, Pvt., Co. K, 10th AL Inf.
Enlisted 3/1/1864 at age 16. Wounded 10/27/1864. 
William J. Caudle, Pvt., Co. F, 48th AL Inf.
Enlisted at Blountsville, April 10, 1862 at age 22. Admitted to hospital at Charlottesville, Va. Jan. 13, 1863, returned to duty July 20, 1863. Reported wounded and on furlough. Captured in Walker Co. Ala. April 16, 1865. 
William G. Caudle, Co. F, 46th AL Inf.
William T. Caudle, Co. F, 20th AL Inf.
Enlisted 9/16/1861, Montgomery, Ala. at age 21.


29th Alabama Inf. flag



Kinard A. Cadle, Sgt., Co. H, 1st AL Cav.